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Sunday, January 23, 2005

The nature of Blogging - published draft

I've just posted a comment on Rashundi's blog that I thought I'd like to think more about , expand upon.

Here's the post, which I'll be coming back to edit later :

"Hi Rashunda

I think you're right that blogging appeals to people because it gives them a "voice", although I see blogging as far less a permanent thing than writing a book, or even publishing something on a normal website.

I think blogging falls inbetween chatting online and publishing on a normal website. For me, it falls somewhere between synchronous and asynchronous CMC, having some of the immediacy of the former, and also some advantages of the latter (it lasts longer).

In order, I would place blogging here:

Chat - synchronous - temporary - very communicative

Blog - almost synchronous - semi-permanent - very coimmunicative (potentially!)

Forum - mostly asynchrous - semi-permanent - not very communicative

Email - asynchrous - temporary - communicative

Website - asynchronous - permanent - one-way

I don't know if you agree with me or not. I must admit, that this has just ocurred to me, so I haven't really thought it out, but I think I'll continue this discussion by opening a post on my blog : http://mirandoami.blogspot.com

Hope you're having fun blogging, and great to see a stimulating discusssion starting here."